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500 miles

500 miles

If you missed the train I'm on
You will know that I am gone
You can hear the whistle...

American Life-Madonna

American Life

Do I have to change my name?
Will it get me far?
Should I lose some weight?
Am I gonna...

American Pie-Madonna

American Pie Lyrics

A long, long time ago
I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile
And I knew...

Angel Baby

Angel Baby

I need a lover to keep me sane
Pull me from hell bring me back again
Play me the...

Atlantis Is Calling

Atlantis Is Calling

Lady, I know it will hurt you
But it's much harder to ignore
There is a chance and I...

Baby ( Ooh whoa )

Ooh whoa, ooh whoa, ooh whoa
You know you love me, I know you care
Just shout whenever and I'll be...

Baby One More Time

Oh, baby, baby
Oh, baby, baby

Oh, baby, baby
How was I supposed to know
That something wasn't right...

Bad Girl-Madonna

Bad Girl

Something's missing and I don't know why
I always feel the need to hide my feelings from you

bad habits

Bad Habits

One, two, three, four
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh

Every time you come around you know...

Maroon 5 - Beautiful Mistakes

Beautiful Mistake

It's beautiful, it's bittersweet
You're like a broken home to me
I take a shot of memories and black out like...

Beautiful Stranger-Madonna

Beautiful Stranger

Haven't we met?
You're some kind of beautiful stranger
You could be good for me
I've had the taste for...

Bedtime Story-Madonna

Bedtime Story

Today is the last day that I'm using words
They've gone out, lost their meaning

Birthday Cake-Rihanna

Birthday Cake

Come and put your name on it
Put your name on it
Come and put your name on it

Boom Boom-Cham Feat. Rihanna

Boom Boom

Intro: Baby Cham
You got it for me leave a message on my phone she call me
She cry...


Borderline Lyrics

Something in the way you love me won't let me be
I don't want to be your prisoner

Brother Louie

Brother Louie

Check it out, check it out, here we go, let me say it
Tax on wax make the...

Burning Up

Don't put me off, 'cause I'm on fire
And I can't quench my desire
Don't you know that I'm...

California King Bed

California King Bed

[Verse 1]
Chest to chest (Chest to chest)
Nose to nose (Nose to nose)
Palm to palm
We were always just...

Careless Whisper

Careless Whisper

I feel so unsure
As I take your hand
And lead you to the dance floor
As the music dies

Causing a Commotion

Causing a Commotion

I've got the moves baby, you got the motion
If we got together we'd be causing a commotion

Cheap Thrills - Sia

Cheap Thrills

Come on, come on, turn the radio on
It's Friday night, and it won't be long
Gotta do my...

Cheers (Drink To That)-Rihanna

Cheers (Drink To That)

Takin' shots in here, you want one?
Yeah-e-yeah, yeah-e-yeah, yeah-e-yeah
Yeah-e-yeah, yeah-e-yeah, yeah-e-yeah


Cheri Cheri Lady

Cheri Cheri Lady

Oh, I cannot explain
Every time it's the same
Oh, I feel that it's real
Take my heart
I've been lonely...

Madonna - Cherish


Cherish, cherish

So tired of broken hearts and losing at this game

Cockiness (Love It)

Cockiness (Love It)

Suck my cockiness
Lick my persuasion
Eat my words and then
Swallow your pride down, down...

Cold Case Love-Rihanna

Cold Case Love

On my roof
Dark and I'm burning a rose
I don't need proof
I'm torn apart and you know
What you...



I'm not the type to get my heart broken
I'm not the type to get upset and cry


[verse 1]

Told Them Your Dreams, And They All Started Laughing
I Guess You're Out Of Your...

Dear Jessie-Madonna

Dear Jessie Lyrics

Baby face, don't grow so fast
Make a special wish that will always last
Rub this magic lantern
He will...

Deeper And Deeper-Madonna

Deeper And Deeper

Deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper
Sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter...

Die Another Day-Madonna

Die Another Day

I'm gonna wake up, yes and no
I'm gonna kiss some part of
I'm gonna keep this secret
I'm gonna...

Rihanna - Disturbia

Disturbia (what’s wrong with me?)

Bum-bum-be-dum-bum-bum-be-dum-bum (what's wrong with me?)
Bum-bum-be-dum-bum-bum-be-dum-bum (why do I feel like this?)
Bum-bum-be-dum-bum-bum-be-dum-bum (I'm going crazy now)

Do Ya Thang

Do Ya Thang Lyrics

Know I'm missin' that kissin' in the rover
Boy, what I'm feelin', never feel it about another
I need...

Don't Be A Lawyer

Don’t Be A Lawyer

Twenty years old, pretty smart kid
Didn't know what I wanted to do
So I took the LSAT
And then...

Don't Stop The Music

Don’t Stop The Music

Please don't stop the music, music, music
Please don't stop the music, music, music
Please don't stop the music,...

Don't Tell Me-Madonna

Don’t Tell Me

Don't tell me to stop
Tell the rain not to drop
Tell the wind not to blow
'Cause you said...

Don't Wanna Know

Don’t Wanna Know

I don't wanna know, know, know, know
Who's taking you home, home, home, home
And loving you so, so,...

Dress You Up-Madonna

Dress You Up

You've got style, that's what all the girls say
Satin sheets and luxuries so fine
All your suits are...

Drunk On Love-Rihanna

Drunk On Love

I feel like I'm a hopeless romantic
I can't help falling in love
I fiend for love
I want it,...

Dumb Dumb Lyrics – Somi

Dumb Dumb

Geoul Ap-Eseo Tto Yeonseubhae
Du Nun-Eul Keuge Tteo
Ileon Pyojeong-Eul Neon Joh-Ahae

Eotteohge Hamyeon Deo...

Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia

Dusk Till Dawn

Not tryna be indie
Not tryna be cool
Just tryna be in this
Tell me how you choose...

Easy On Me

Easy On Me

There ain’t no gold
In this river
That I’ve been washing my hands in forever
I know there is hope



Falling into you
Even electricity
Can’t compare to what I feel
When I’m with you

Erotica -Madonna

Erotica Lyrics


My name is Dita
I'll be your mistress tonight
I'd like to put...

Everything I Wanted lyrics

Everything I Wanted

I had a dream
I got everything I wanted
Not what you'd think
And if I'm being honest
It might've been...

Express Yourself-Madonna

Express Yourself

Come on girls
Do you believe in love?
'Cause I got something to say about it
And it goes something...


Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Extra Credit Lyrics Big K.R.I.T. are given in this post. This is a Brand...



Wherever you're going
I wanna go
Wherever you're heading
Can you let me know
I don't mind catching up
I'm on my...



You give me
You give me fever

Never know how much I love...

4 Minutes feat. Justin Timberlake

Four Minutes Lyrics

I'm outta time, and all I got is four minutes
Fikki fikki, four minutes, aye
I'm outta time, and...


Frozen Lyrics

You only see what your eyes want to see
How can life be what you want it to...



Gambler (gambler)
Gambler (gambler)

I'm a gambler and I will take you by...

Get On The Floor

Ya tú sabes, no es más nada

[Jennifer Lopez:]
It's a new generation (Mr. Worldwide) of party...

Get Together-Madonna

Get Together

It's all an illusion
There's too much confusion
It's all an illusion
There's too much confusion...

Hanky Panky-Madonna

Hanky Panky

Come over here!

Some girls, they like candy
And others, they like to...



yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah, yeah)
yeah, yeah, yeah (ah yeah, yeah, yeah)
ah yeah, yeah, yeah (ah yeah,...



The steps on the stairs
They aren't really there
Feel like there's someone watching me
Shadows on the wall
Whispers down...



Hello, it's me
I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet
To go over everything

Here I Go Again-Rihanna

Here I Go Again

It's been a minute since I saw you boy
Like some medicine to hear your voice
And I guess...

Hips Don’t Lie

Ladies up in here tonight
No fighting
We got the refugees up in here (no fighting)
No fighting





If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day...


Hollywood Lyrics

Everybody comes to Hollywood
They wanna make it in the neighborhood
They like the smell of it in Hollywood

How Do You Sleep

How Do You Sleep?

I’m done hating myself for feeling
I’m done crying myself away
I’ve gotta leave and start the healing
But when...

Charlie Puth How long

How Long

Ooh, yeah

[Verse 1]
I'll admit, I was wrong, what else can I...

Human Nature-Madonna

Human Nature Lyrics

Express yourself, don't repress yourself
Express yourself, don't repress yourself
Express yourself, don't repress yourself

Hung Up-Madonna

Hung Up Lyrics

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait
No time to hesitate
Those who run seem to have...

Kelly-Clarkson-I Dare You

I Dare You

There's a wolf that preys on a world
That strays so far from the Garden (oh)
And just like...

I'll remember-Madonna

I’ll Remember

Say goodbye
To not knowing when
The truth in my whole life began
Say goodbye
To not knowing how to cry




Wena keago nyaka akena bothatha
Mara sa mathomo o shumisa insurance e...

Intentions-Justin Bieber


Picture perfect, you don't need no filter
Gorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you're a killer
Shower you with all...

Into The Groove-Madonna

Into The Groove

And you can dance
For inspiration
Come on
I'm waiting

Get into the groove
Boy you've...

Justify My Love-Madonna

Justify My Love

I want to kiss you in Paris
I want to hold your hand in Rome
I want to run...

Keep It Together-Madonna

Keep It Together

One, two, three
Hit it

Keep, keep it together
Forever keep people together
Keep, keep...


Kiss Me More

We hug and yes, we make love
And always just say "Goodnight" (la-la-la-la-la)
And we cuddle, sure, I do...

La Isla Bonita

Como puede ser verdad

Last night I dreamt of San Pedro
Just like...

Let Me-Rihanna

Let Me

Boy let me, let me
Why don't you let me, let me
Boy let me, let me
Let me do...

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Gotta get on my knees, thank God, for sure
'Cause I was livin' like I had life insurance

Madonna - Like A Prayer

Like A Prayer

Life is a mystery
Everyone must stand alone
I hear you call my name
And it...

Like A Virgin-Madonna

Like A Virgin

I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it through
Didn't know how lost I was until I...

Live To Tell-Madonna

Live To Tell

I have a tale to tell
Sometimes, it gets so hard to hide it well
I was not ready...

Live Your Life T.I feat. Rihanna

Live Your Life

You're gonna be a shining star with fancy clothes, fancy car-ars.
And then you'll see, you're gonna go...

Lose You To Love Me

You promised the world and I fell for it
I put you first and you adored it
Set fires to my...

Love Profusion-Madonna

Love Profusion

There are too many questions
There is not one solution
There is no resurrection
There is so much confusion

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?
Well, that's alright, because I like the way it hurts

Lucky Star-Madonna

Lucky Star Lyrics

You must be my Lucky Star
'Cause you shine on me wherever you are
I just think of you,...


Mad House

Ladies and gentlemen
To those among you who are easily frightened
We suggest you turn away now
To those of...

Memories - Maroon 5


Here's to the ones that we got
Cheers to the wish you were here, but you're not
'Cause the drinks bring back...


You put me on a pedestal and tell me I’m the best
Raise me up into the sky until I’m...



Hey, Mr. DJ put a record on
I wanna dance with my baby


Not Your Barbie Girl -Ava Max

Not Your Barbie Girl

Not your Barbie girl, I'm livin' in my own world
I ain't plastic, call me classic
You can't touch...

Nothing Really Matters-Madonna

Nothing Really Matters

When I was very young
Nothing really mattered to me
But making myself happy
I was the only one
Now that...

Oh Father-Madonna

Oh Father Lyrics

It's funny that way
You can get used to the tears and the pain
What a child will believe

Old Town Road

Old Town Road

Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road
I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no...

One More Night - Maroon 5

One More Night

Ooh, ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh
You and I go hard
At each other like we're going...

Papa Don't Preach-Madonna

Papa Don’t Preach

Papa, I know you're going to be upset
'Cause I was always your little girl
But you should know...

Pon de Replay-Rihanna

Pon de Replay

Come, Mr. DJ, song pon de replay
Come, Mr. DJ, won't you turn the music up?
All the gyal...

Push Up On Me-Rihanna

Push Up On Me

We break, break
We break, break
We break, break
We're breaking down

We break, break

Question Existing

Question Existing

Take off my shirt, loosen the buttons and undo my skirt
Stare at myself in the mirror
Take me...



I feel it, it's coming

Rain, feel it on my finger tips

Ray Of Light-Madonna

Ray Of Light

Zephyr in the sky at night, I wonder
Do my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun?
She's got...



I don't want to play this game no more
I don't wanna play it
I don't want to stay...

Rescue Me-Madonna

Rescue Me

I'm talking, I'm talking
I believe in the power of love
I'm singing, I'm singing
I believe that you can...

Roc Me Out-Rihanna

Roc Me Out

So give it to me like I want it
This is for your eyes on it
Roc me out,...

Rihanna - Rude Boy

Rude Boy

Come here rude boy, boy
Can you get it up?
Come here rude boy, boy
Is you big enough?
Take it,...


S and M ( S&M )

Na-na-na, come on
Na-na-na, come on
Na-na-na-na-na, come on
Na-na-na, come on, come on, come on ...

Say It-Rihanna

Say It

You should tell me what's buggin' you
And I'm a tell ya 'bout me ('bout me)
You should tell...

Say so - Doja Cat

Say So

Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment
I'd let you had I known it, why don't you...


Secret Lyrics

Things haven't been the same since you came into my life
You found a way to touch my...

Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth

See You Again

It's been a long day without you, my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I...

Selfish Girl-Rihanna

Selfish Girl

Baby boy, what you done to me?
I saw you smiling suddenly
I can't get you out my mind!

Sell Me Candy-Rihanna

Sell Me Candy

Sell me candy like it's summer when it's melting in my hands
I know you're around like the...



I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya
But every...

Sexy Sexy Lover Modern Talking

Sexy Sexy Lover

Have you ever had somebody that you loved?
That you really cared about?
And she was so damn sexy?

Here I Go Again-Rihanna

Should I

Boy you standin real close to me
Tell me now what it's gonna be?
You like what you see

Shut Up And Drive-Rihanna

Shut Up And Drive

I've been looking for a driver who is qualified
So if you think that you're the one step...

Something Just Like This

Something Just Like This

I've been reading books of old
The legends and the myths
Achilles and his gold
Hercules and his gifts
Spiderman's control

Sooner or Later-Madonna

Sooner or Later

Sooner or later you're gonna be mine
Sooner or later you're gonna be fine
Baby, it's time that you...



Je suis désolée[French. English translation: "I am sorry"]
Lo siento[Spanish. English translation: "I am sorry"]
Ik ben droevig[Dutch. English...

SOS- Rihanna


La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la, oh
You know, I've never felt like this before (oh, oh)
La-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la, oh
This feels...

Take A Bow-Madonna

Take A Bow

Take a bow, the night is over
This masquerade is getting older
Lights are low, the curtains down
There's no...

rihanna-Take A Bow

Take A Bow

Oh, how 'bout a round of applause?
Standin' ovation
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah


Take My Breath

Take My Breath

I saw the fire in your eyes
I saw the fire when I look into your eyes
You tell...

Te Amo

Te Amo

Te amo, te amo
She says to me
I hear the pain in her voice
Then we danced underneath the...

That's What I Like - Bruno Mars

That’s What I Like

Ayy, ayy, ayy
I got a condo in Manhattan
Baby girl, what's happenin'? (What's happenin'?)
You and your ass invited


The last song

Here we are
Midair off of the cliff
Staring down at the end again
But then again, maybe we're finally,...

The Look of Love-Madonna

The Look of Love

Should have left you standing right where you stood
Should have let you go, should have had the...


The Mortgage Song

One (G)morning when the toast was burnt and the (C)milk was slightly (G)sour,
(C)I was feeling (G)like the...

Too Good At Goodbyes - Sam Smith

Too Good At Goodbyes

You must think that I’m stupid
You must think that I’m a fool
You must think that I’m new...

True Blue-Madonna

True Blue Lyrics


I've had other guys
I've looked into their eyes
But I never knew...



Uh huh, uh huh
Yeah, Rihanna
Uh huh, uh huh
Good girl gone bad
Uh huh, uh huh
Take three, action
Uh huh,...



Strike a pose
Strike a pose
Vogue (vogue, vogue)
Vogue (vogue, vogue)

Look around, everywhere...

Wait Your Turn-Rihanna

Wait Your Turn

It's just the way the game is played
It's best if you just wait your turn

Won't say a thing
About the way you love me
Except for, I like the way
I love the way...

We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

We Found Love

Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we're standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine
What it takes to...

We Ride-Rihanna

We Ride

Ride, when we ride we ride
It's 'til the day we die
We Ride, When we ride we ride

What's My Name

What’s My Name?

[Refrain: Rihanna & Drake]
Oh na-na, what's my name?
Oh na-na, what's my name?
Oh na-na, what's my name?
Oh na-na,...

Work From Home

Work From Home

[Verse 1: Camila]
I ain't worried 'bout nothin', I ain't wearin' na-nada
I'm sittin' pretty, impatient, but I know...

Work - Rihanna

Work, Work, Work

Work, work, work, work, work, work
He said me haffi work, work, work, work, work, work
He see me...

you Armaan Malik

You ( All My Friends )

All My Friends
Talk About The Night We Met
Can’t Remember What I Said
But I Bet It Wasn’t Cool
I Was Close...

You Are My Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine

The other night, dear,
As I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke, dear,

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

If you know what I feel
And if you feel the same way too
Just close your eyes
You're not...

You Can Win If You Want

You Can Win If You Want

You packed your things in a carpetbag
Left and never looking back
Rings on your fingers, paint on your...

You Da One

You Da One

You Da one that I dream about all day
You the one that I think about all da...

You Must Love Me-Madonna

You Must Love Me

Where do we go from here?
This isn't where we intended to be
We had it all, you believed...

You'll See-Madonna

You’ll See

You think that I can't live without your love
You'll see
You think I can't go on another day