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Get Together-Madonna

Get Together

It's all an illusion
There's too much confusion
It's all an illusion
There's too much confusion...



Je suis désolée[French. English translation: "I am sorry"]
Lo siento[Spanish. English translation: "I am sorry"]
Ik ben droevig[Dutch. English...

Hung Up-Madonna

Hung Up Lyrics

Time goes by so slowly for those who wait
No time to hesitate
Those who run seem to have...

Love Profusion-Madonna

Love Profusion

There are too many questions
There is not one solution
There is no resurrection
There is so much confusion

Everybody comes to Hollywood
They wanna make it in the neighborhood
They like the smell of it in Hollywood

American Life-Madonna

American Life

Do I have to change my name?
Will it get me far?
Should I lose some weight?
Am I gonna...

Die Another Day-Madonna

Die Another Day

I'm gonna wake up, yes and no
I'm gonna kiss some part of
I'm gonna keep this secret
I'm gonna...